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Tropico Chocolates


Chocolates matching the collection – with tropical fillings. We had the honor of crafting these chocolates for PRADA, aligned with the “Tropico” collection: dive into a seductive, colorful, tropical world and enjoy with all your senses.

These handcrafted chocolates were gifted to customers in the boutiques.

Each little creation takes the connoisseur on a tropical journey. Chocolate with passion fruit & roasted coconut nougat, delighting with its fruity freshness and creamy coconut. Chocolate with mango caramel, lime nougat, and roasted almonds, offering a harmonious balance between sweet and fresh with a delicate crunch. And finally, the yummy pineapple caramel chocolate with vanilla almond nougat & cacao nibs, combining the sweetness of sun-ripened pineapple, aromatic vanilla, and crispy cacao nibs.



  • hand-colored chocolates
  • with bespoke fillings
  • in custom-made chocolate box


Occasion: event gifts / pamper customers with an exclusive sweet treat


Sweet chocolate gifts with pineapple, lime, and passion fruit
Chocolate with passion fruit and roasted coconut nougat

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