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About us

Hi, we are ESSKLUSIV

We are passionate about the finer things in life. Celebrating the little and simple pleasures.
Our mission is to cheer up the often gray everyday business life. To make life a bit more beautiful.
And we believe that nothing connects people as much as joy. Enjoying together. Eating is pure emotion.
Together with you, we create an advertising medium that puts a smile on the faces of your guests and clients.

You want the sweet life?

We want to cheer up the often gray everyday business life.
And we believe that nothing connects people as much as joy.
Food is pure emotion.

Our biggest goal: making you and your customers happy.


Melanie Schamberger has made her love of indulgence and high-quality chocolate her profession. ESSKLUSIV is a Munich-based company that specializes in customizing chocolate, pralines and confectionery in luxury segment. We manufacture corporate gifts, giveaways for trade fairs, event goodies and VIP treatments. We create chocolates & sweets and the suitable packaging according to your wishes.

Special things
create special memories

We create your individual, sweet brand ambassador.



Almost every step is done by hand. The pralines are lovingly handcrafted by our chocolatiers. Each chocolate and sweet specialty is expertly crafted using only the finest ingredients: fresh butter, creamy cream, fine nuts and spices, selected cocoa … all without the use of chemical preservatives or artificial flavors. For an individual and personal finish, we close every chocolate box with a hand-knotted bow.


What we do

Customer gifts
for the purchase of a product, for a birthday, for Christmas, for Easter, the introduction of a new product, a mailing, an invitation to an event

Presents for employees
Onboarding Kit / Welcome Box, for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, Easter, internal events such as conferences, anniversaries, board events, HR events

Event gifts
Party, product launch, opening, Christmas party, business dinner

Gifts for trade fairs
Gift send with trade fair invitation, thank-you-for-visiting present, give-away

Goodies for stores / boutiques 
Store-Opening, goodies for customers served with coffee in the store

Merchandising for museums

Guest amenities for hotels
Welcome gift, bedtime sweets, VIP treatment, farewell gift

Chocolate buffet, chocolate tasting, chocolate bar, candy bar

Meaningful customer gift and high-quality brand ambassador.