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Store Treats

A piece of heaven in everyday life – chocolatey delicacies served to your customers with a cup of coffee or while waiting at the counter. Increase the shopping mood, feel-good factor and maximize your brand experience with unique luxury sweets, taylored to your brand.

Chocolate Bars

Mini chocolate bars made from the finest Belgian chocolate, individualized with your branding. Choose from pure chocolate bars made from classic milk & dark chocolate or with delectable fillings, such as salted butter caramel, dulce de leche, Earl Grey tea, coffee or Belgian nougat.

Exquisite chocolate, the perfect accompaniment for an aromatic coffee
Creamy milk chocolate with red fruits


Tenderly melting pralines made from fine cocoa with creamy nougat, crunchy nuts, sweet and sour fruit fillings or velvety caramel. If you wish, we can create your individual filling.

Chocolate with Belgian Nougat and crispy, caramelized coconut
Create your own chocolate – your unique filling, style and colors
Unique basketball chocolates, creamy fillings all covered in crisp chocolate
Custom-made vegan tropical chocolates matching a fashion collection

Logo Chocolates

Logo chocolates are a surprising highlight and a sweet treat. Fresh, white chocolate meets melt-in-the-mouth creamy Belgian nougat. Say it with chocolate and put your logo or motto in the spotlight.

Fine chocolates printed with your logo or motif
Chocolates with foto print

Unique Chocolate Creations

We are happy to create unique chocolate gift boxes for Trussardi. The heart, top and base notes of the new Trussardi perfume as pralines: Delectable bon-bons filled with jasmine, tomato, orange, apricot and violet.

Hungry for more…?

A corporate gift to remember – with delicious, handmade chocolates and your individual branding.


What branding options do I have?

Chocolates / pralines:
– Logo printing on the chocolates
– Your own unique chocolate (colors, decor, ingredients)





Chocolate gift boxes:
– Logo embossing on the chocolate box
– Logo print / hot foil on the satin ribbon
– 100% custom-made box (company colour, own shape, complete print, hot foil finishes)
– Logo printing on the chocolates
– Your own unique chocolate (colors, decor, ingredients)


Chocolate bars:
– individually printed sleeve

How long is the delivery time?

After 3-4 weeks you receive your individual chocolate bars. Need your sweet delights faster? Ask for our express service.
Please note that delivery times for larger quantities, custom-made products and before Christmas are longer due to the higher demand.

How long do the chocolates last?

Our pralines are fresh pralines without chemical preservatives. Nevertheless, you can store the chocolates well and do not have to spend them all immediately. The shelf life is about 2-3 months.
The full aroma of our pralines unfolds best when they are fresh. That’s why we recommend not keeping the chocolates for too long, but eating them as fresh as possible.

How long do the chocolate bars last?

The shelf life of the chocolate bars is circa 12 months.

How to store the chocolates and keep them fresh?

Store in a cool, dry place, optimum at a temperature of around 16 to 18 degrees. For example in a cool room or cool basement. Then they stay fresh for a particularly long time.