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Trade Shows

Leave a memorable impression on your brand at your trade show, expo, conference. Sweeten your customers’ stay at your booth with the finest couture chocolates, crisp buttery cookies, velvety chocolate bars. Or gift a delectable goodie, all tailored to your brand.


Sweet delights – individually styled

Discover delicious inspirations for your trade fair. Savory, exclusive treats & individual branding. Little brand ambassadors,  guaranteed to bringt a smile to the faces and ensure the way to success. A sweeter victory …

Destination: chocolate heaven

Couture chocolates for Trussardi

In the new digital age, many trade fairs and conferences are held virtually. Like the sales conference for the new Trussardi fragrance. To give a special effect and adding another dimension in discovering the new fragrance – with vibrant taste – we created a matching, exklusive chocolate collection. Depicting the heart, top and base notes of the perfume for creating unique, melt-in-the-middle pralines. With components of jasmine, tomato, orange, apricot and violet, paired heavenly white, creamy milk and strong dark chocolate.


What branding options do I have?

Chocolates / pralines:
– Logo embossing on the chocolate box
– Logo print / hot foil on the satin ribbon
– 100% custom-made box (company colour, own shape, complete print, hot foil finishes)
– Logo printing on the chocolates
– Your own unique chocolate (colors, decor, ingredients)

Chocolate bars:
– individually printed sleeve

Individual Cookies:
You can choose shape, color and painting / decor. Optionally we can print your logo on icing and decorate the cookie with it. Alternatively, we are pleased to also paint your logo on by hand.
We have a variety of different shaped cookie cutters here. New shapes can be individually created for you.

When do I have to order my trade fair gifts?

Delivery time for individual trade show gifts is estimated 3-4 weeks. Need your sweet delights faster? Ask for our express service.

Please note that delivery times for larger quantities, custom-made products and before Christmas are longer due to the higher demand.

How long do the chocolates (pralines) last?

Our chocolates are fresh chocolates without chemical preservatives. Nevertheless, you can store the chocolates well and do not have to spend them all immediately. The shelf life is about 2-3 months.
The full aroma of our pralines unfolds best when they are fresh. That’s why we recommend not keeping the chocolates for too long, but eating them as fresh as possible.

How long do the chocolate bars last?

The shelf life of the chocolate bars is circa 12 months.

How to store the chocolates and keep them fresh?

Store in a cool, dry place, optimum at a temperature of around 16 to 18 degrees. For example in a cool room or cool basement. Then they stay fresh for a particularly long time.