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Chocolate & spices


Chocolate-covered mini gingerbreads, individually wrapped for snacking, designed specifically for the brand. The packaging of these little gingerbreads reflects the elegance and sophistication of the winter collection. The rainbow, omnipresent in this collection, has been translated onto the packaging in an ethereal, light design reminiscent of delicate clouds. This unique design gives the little sweet treats an exclusive touch.

The mini gingerbreads are not only a visual delight but also a taste sensation. Made from the finest ingredients, they combine a harmonious blend of spicy cinnamon, aromatic ginger, sweet honey, and a hint of cloves. The moist texture and distinctive flavor make everyone’s mouth water.

During the Christmas season, these gingerbreads were distributed to waiting customers in front of the boutiques to sweeten their wait and bring a smile to their faces.


  • chocolate-covered mini gingerbreads
  • in custom-made packaging


Occasion: little treats for the boutiques


Chocolate-covered mini gingerbreads as a sweet treat during Advent season

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