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Event Gifts

Celebrating a product launch, a flamboyant opening, car presentation or a fashion party? Here you find delightful gifts, goodies, VIP Treatments. To make your party event sweeter and memorable, all customized with your logo and tailored to your motto.

Catering / to serve at the venue


To sweeten your event – to accompany a sparkling welcome drink, as a treat in between or for dessert. Surprise your guests with our fresh, handmade chocolates. Heavenly fillings to match the season and your motto, from glistening milk caramel with Camargue sea salt, Avola almonds with Crêpe Dentelle to summery-fresh fillings with strawberry, raspberry or Japanese cherry blossom.

Logo Chocolates

Serve chocolates printed with your logo, motif or brand message. Our logo pralines are made from creamy, nutty Belgian nougat, with fresh white chocolate as a topping.

Custom-made bon bons in your unique design

Custom-made Chocolates

100% individual, 100% unique – we are pleased to create your tailor-made chocolates. Handcolored / design according to your wishes. Delicious, mouth-watering fillings matching your motto, your style and taste.

Custom-made bon bons 'malachite gemstone' for a jeweler
Summery raspberry chocolates matching a summer garden party


Small but joyful: giveaway with individualy styled logo chocolate in lucid bag

Cellophane Bag

For a little sweet pleasure at home, reminding on the event. Cellophane bag in different styles with handmade chocolates matching your individual needs. This bag is also available in environmentally friendly, biodegradable material.

2 handmade chocolates – vegan hazel nougat meeting salted caramel & raspberry cheesecake

Box of 2 chocolates

Your delightful event goodie: mini box with two handmade chocolates. Optionally with logo chocolates, custom-made chocolates or branded packaging. You can choose from many colors like black, white, gold and various bold and pastel colors.

Box of 4 chocolates

Magnetic box with 4 handmade chocolates. Optionally with logo praline, logo embossing on the box or logo print on the satin ribbon. The box is available in black, white, black and white and golden brown. We are also pleased to create your 100% unique packaging.

Box of 9 chocolates

Give an exclusive moment of sweet indulgence: a fine selection of 9 handmade chocolates. Optionally with logo praline, logo embossing on the box or logo print on the satin ribbon. The box is available in black, white, black and white and golden brown or custom-made, matching all your desires.

Tropical chocolates matching a fashion collection

Custom-made box

Unique Collection: on request, we are pleased to manufacture your 100% individual chocolate gifts. With individual packaging design and custom made chocolates. Unique chocolates in your colors, designs and with mouth-watering fillings.

Vegan bon-bons – crispy, caramelized coconut melts together with soft passion fruit
Fresh chocolates with summery fillings, strawberry and vanilla


A popping surprise – hand-made cookies in your desired shape, colors, design. Buttery, crisp cakes, made from only the best ingredients. Fine shortcrust pastry with a hint of vanilla. Packaging options according to your wishes.

Chocolate Bars

A joyful ‘choc-full’ treat: Mini chocolate bars made from the finest Belgian chocolate, individualized with your branding. Choose from pure chocolate bars made from classic milk & dark chocolate or with delectable fillings, such as salted butter caramel, dulce de leche, Earl Grey tea, coffee or Belgian nougat.



Event Gifts for OMEGA

Famous OMEGA Speedmaster was part of all lunar missions. For the 50th anniversary of the moon landing and the launch of the brand new anniversary Speedmaster, ESSKLUSIV manufactured matching chocolates presents. Each praline is made by hand with an ultra-thin, crisp chocolate shell. Filled with plenty of cream-filling with white chocolate, Madagascar vanilla and dark chocolate with coffee and sea salt. The surfaces had all been hand-painted – each “moon” is unique.


When do I have to order my event gifts?

Delivery time for individual event gifts is estimated 3-4 weeks. Need your sweet delights faster? Ask for our express service.

Please note that delivery times for larger quantities, custom-made products and before Christmas are longer due to the higher demand.

What branding options do I have?

Chocolates / pralines:
– Logo embossing on the chocolate box
– Logo print / hot foil on the satin ribbon
– 100% custom-made box (company colour, own shape, complete print, hot foil finishes)
– Logo printing on the chocolates
– Your own unique chocolate (colors, decor, ingredients)

Chocolate bars:
– individually printed sleeve

Individual Cookies:
You can choose shape, color and painting / decor. Optionally we can print your logo on icing and decorate the cookie with it. Alternatively, we are pleased to also paint your logo on by hand.
We have a variety of different shaped cookie cutters here. New shapes can be individually created for you.

How long do the chocolates (pralines) last?

Our chocolates are fresh chocolates without chemical preservatives. Nevertheless, you can store the chocolates well and do not have to spend them all immediately. The shelf life is about 2-3 months.
The full aroma of our pralines unfolds best when they are fresh. That’s why we recommend not keeping the chocolates for too long, but eating them as fresh as possible.

How long do the chocolate bars last?

The shelf life of the chocolate bars is circa 12 months.

How long do the cookies last?

The shelf life of the cookies is circa 6 months.

How to store the chocolates and keep them fresh?

Store in a cool, dry place, optimum at a temperature of around 16 to 18 degrees. For example in a cool room or cool basement. Then they stay fresh for a particularly long time.