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Our Chocolates

Our fresh chocolates are made by hand from high-quality cocoa. Refined with exquisite ingredients such as fresh fruits, crunchy nuts and elegant spices. We only use pure cocoa butter and avoid artificial flavors for the best taste.

Assortment of Chocolates

Come join us on a little chocolate journey around the world. From Peru-origin cocoa with fresh mango & red pepper, Cocoa from Venezuela with Tahitian vanilla, fruity Japanese cherry blossom to smooth, velvety caramel with seasalt from the Camargue.

Chocolates with Ganache of Venezuela origin and wild berries


  • We love to embrace the natural flavours of the cocoa. That´s why we have a focus on chocolates with pure origin cocoa – e.g. cocoa from Madagascar or Costa Rica, paired with the filling that accents the individual buquet of the cocoa
  • Only the best ingredients: butter, cream, nougat, delightful nuts and spices. Many nuts we select from the best region, like hazelnuts from Piemont.
  • We only use pure cocoa butter, never pal oil etc.
  • No artificial flavors, flavor enhancers or chemical preservatives.

Pure passion

Creating tenderly melting pralines is one of the supreme disciplines in the art of chocolate. Here there is a sweet competition for the best flavor compositions and the most delicate melt. First the fillings are created. For this, noble and exotic ingredients such as Japanese cherry blossom, mango, red pepper, freeze-dried raspberries or aromatic Piedmont hazelnuts are ground, stirred, chopped and mixed until a creamy filling is formed.



Praline with ultra-thin skin, delicate chocolate ganache and a fruity layer of homemade strawberry jam.



Seasonal flavours

Bon-Bons infused with creamy filling of basil. Finally paired in the ganache with tomato for a summery, extravagant taste.



Fresh ingredients

Fresh oranges for the fruity filling of a praline paired with Peru-origin cocoa.



Life is sweet

There is always a reason to say thank you and show appreciation. Here are a few occasions to pamper your client or sweeten your party:

  • Catering for events
  • Served with coffee in your store / office
  • Giveaways for partys and fairs
  • VIP goodies
  • Christmas present for customers, employees, partners
  • For store openings or product presentations
  • Business dinner
  • Internal events such as conferences, anniversaries, board events, HR events
  • Guest amenities and VIP treatments for hotels


Giveaway for events
Chocolates served with coffee or champagne
For business dinner ...
... or product launch

Friendly Feedback

„ESSKLUSIV leaves nothing to be desired: the quality and taste of the chocolates are excellent. There is a large selection and the delivery was very reliable. Our customers were simply thrilled - thank you!“

– Best Secret I Schustermann & Borenstein

Friendly Feedback

„The chocolates look fantastic. All colleagues are enthusiastic and happy to take the high-quality gifts to our customers. Thanks go to the whole ESSKLUSIV team for the competent advice, easy process and the reliable delivery!

– Academic Work Germany GmbH

Friendly Feedback

„Besides a very successful customer gift, ESSKLUSIV always offers us first-class and professional service. The chocolates are sent on demand, fresh and quickly to our customers. We are very happy and appreciate the cooperation with ESSKLUSIV.“

– Engel & Völkers AG

Custom-made bon bons

On request, we manufacture completely individual pralines just for you regarding to color, design and ingredients. For example – bon bons matching the OMEGA “Speedmaster Moonwatch”: The OMEGA Speedmaster was part of all moon missions. For the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, we were happy to create matching chocolate gifts for selected customers of the watch manufacturer.


Do you customize the chocolates?

Yes, we print your logo or icon on the chocolates (Belgian nougat praline with white chocolate).
On request, we create completely unique chocolates just for you regarding colors, shape and ingredients.

How are the chocolates packed and send to me?

You can order the pralines loose for serving the chocolates on your event, with coffee or as a dessert. They come in a big box. If you like to give them away as a gift, we are pleased to create for you the right packing, with your logo and matching your style.

What´s the size of the chocolates?

The square chocolates are approx. 2.6 x 2.6 cm, the elongated chocolates approx. 3.2 x 2.6 cm, the round chocolates around 2,5 cm diameter. Please note that our chocolates are handmade, so there may be variations in size and shape. Each praline is unique.



Our classic square chocolates weighs about 10g. Please note that our chocolates are handmade, so there may be deviations in weight. One praline usually weighs between 8.5 and 11.5 grams.

How long do the chocolates last?

Our pralines are fresh pralines without chemical preservatives. Nevertheless, you can store the chocolates well and do not have to spend them all immediately. The shelf life is about 2-3 months.

The full aroma of our pralines unfolds best when they are fresh. That’s why we recommend not keeping the chocolates for too long, but eating them as fresh as possible.

How to store the chocolates and keep them fresh?

Store in a cool, dry place, optimum at a temperature of around 16 to 18 degrees. For example in a cool room or cool basement. Then they stay fresh for a particularly long time.

How can I see if chocolate is good quality?

Good chocolates are only made from pure cocoa butter and good ingredients such as real butter and cream. They do not contain cheap substitutes such as palm oil, which is often used in industrial chocolate production. Artificial flavors are not used in favor of the taste. Instead, fresh fruit, fine spices and the finest nuts are used. We stand by this promise of quality because we like it best that way!

Hungry for melt-in-your-mouth chocolates?

Chocolates are a classic gift. They represent enjoyment and that little bit of luxury in everyday life.
We create the goodie that will make your customers remember you.