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little sweet treats

Porsche Zentrum 5 Seen

Small gestures often leave a nice impression. To sweeten their customers’ service appointments, waiting time, or simply a moment with coffee, the Porsche Center gifts these little chocolate treats.

Two handcrafted chocolates: delicious white chocolate ganache with a layer of fruity raspberry. Crunchy hazelnuts with velvety caramel, a perfect balance of textures and flavors that makes each bite a small escape from everyday life.

These handcrafted chocolates are a token of appreciation to make the visit to Porsche Center 5 Lakes even more enjoyable. A small indulgence that shows every detail is cared for – just like with their vehicles.



  • 1 custom-made chocolate
  • Candy Bag with individual sticker


Occasion: Customer treats


Praline with white chocolate ganache & fruity raspberry layer


Our Chocolates

Our fresh chocolates are made by hand from high-quality cocoa. Refined with exquisite ingredients such as fresh fruits, crunchy nuts and elegant spices. We only use pure cocoa butter and avoid artificial flavors for the best taste.

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