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Single Origin

For many chocolates we only use single origin cocoa – for example from Madagascar, Cuba, Costa Rica or Venezuela. Every cocoa has its completely different and characteristic aroma. The unique taste is the result of the distinctive environment, soil and climate. Paired with the right filling, the taste experience is underlined, refined, maximized. For example: Colombian cocoa – with a round, soft and sweet bouquet of vanilla and ripe bananas, filled with a fine layer of lemony Japanese yuzu – a combination just temptingly vibrant in taste.

Dark Chocolate

Arauca (70%): a province in eastern Colombia. Impressive cocoa taste, fruity notes, bitter grapefruit, sweet tones and citrusy acidity on the finish

Brazil (55%): exceptional, double fermentation of Forastero cocoa beans, a taste composition of exotic fruit aromas

Costa Rica (64%): Wood & olive aromas paired with coffee and smoked cocoa

Ecuador (71%): subtle aromas of red fruits and raisins, earthy notes

Ghana (60%): fruity character of blue berries and cherries, spicy finish

Grenada (75%): fruity character of cherries and blue berries, spicy finish

Colombia (85%): particularly unique character, round and ripe vanilla & banana bouquet

Cuba (70%): strong cocoa flavor, nuances of roasted coffee and spices, sweet finish

Madagascar (66%): strong notes of exotic wood, spicy ginseng and black fruit in the final

Peru (64%): fine citrus taste, slightly sour finish

Tanzania (80%): balanced bitterness at the beginning, fruity temperament, finally a hint of vanilla

Uganda (80%): impressive scent of strong cocoa, delicate aromas of forest soil and mushrooms

Venezuela (66%): aromatic bouquet, hazelnuts, fruity taste of blue grapes

Vietnam (73%): sour cocoa taste, nuances of citrus, wood and tobacco


Milk Chocolate

Costa Rica (38%): light toasty aromas, hints of olives and cloves

Vanuatu (44%): strong bouquet of hazelnuts, coffee and caramel, slightly smoky tobacco on the finish

Venezuela (43%): hazelnut and almond accents, with a hint of grapefruit on the finish

Vietnam (45%): aromas of passion fruit, impressions of flowers and raisins


White Chocolate

Dominican Republic (31%): smooth buttery taste, accent of figs and flowers

Special things create special memories.

Chocolates for Anne Möller

Melt-in-the-middle chocolates matching the new Anne Möller fragrance. Fruity Goji berry, sweet rose hip, crunchy macadamia, crisp coconut meeting heavenly single origin chocolates. Experiencing Anne Möllers scent with additional senses.