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Delicious gemstone pralines

Jeweler Jacobi

As an elegant accompaniment to coffee or sparkling champagne: delicate gems to bite into. Melt-in-the-mouth, creamy fillings with glossy butterscotch, crunchy roasted nuts, aromatic vanilla and smooth Earl Grey Tea – encased in a wafer-thin, crunchy chocolate shell. Creation for Jacobi, Stuttgarts luxury jeweler with tradition, as an unforgettable goodie with a sweet wink. Have you ever experienced your jewelry in another dimension…melting on the tongue?


  • Gemstone Praline ‘Amethyst’: white chocolate mousse & Tahitian vanilla
  • ‘Garnet’ gemstone praline: roasted Piedmont hazelnuts
  • Gemstone praline ‘Sapphire’: butter caramel with Maldon sea salt
  • Gemstone Praline ‘Malachite’: Earl Grey Tea & bergamot
'Malachite' praline: gentle Earl Grey Tea & fruity bergamot
counterpart to the blue sapphire – praline filled with sea salt caramel

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